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Ever wonder what those magic rabbits do after the show is over and everyone has left?  They like to mess with the magicians stuff, thats what they do.”

The performer brings forward two stands with ornate covers and places them next to each other, one on the left and one on the right.  The left cover has a black magicians hat with white bunny ears, poking out of the top, on the front and backside and the right has a red magicians hat with white bunny ears, also poking out of the top, on the front and the backside.

The performer removes the covers to reveal a colored spot domino under each stand.  Under the black hat cover is a domino with black spots and under the red hat cover is a domino with red spots.  The performer then replaces the covers and explains how the rabbits mess around with the dominoes.  The performer then spins the two covered stands around (back side now facing front) and switches the place of the two stands, black hat cover & stand is now on the right and red hat cover & stand on the left.  When the covers are removed, the red spotted domino is found under the black hat cover and the black spotted domino is seen under the red hat cover.  The performer then explains that those pesky rabbits can reverse what they have done.  The covered stands are then spun around again and the stands are switched back to the original starting positions, the black hat cover & stand is on the left and the red hat cover & stand on the right.

The spectator does not seem to be too impressed and thinks he/she knows what the performer has done.  The spectator speaks up and says to the performer “All you did was turn the stand around to show that the color spots changed places.”  The performer then pick up each of the covered stand (one at a time) and, while keeping the same cover side facing the spectator, does an propeller style spin and sets the stand back down in the same spot.  When finished spinning both covered stands, the covers are removed to show the spots are the same color as before the performer “propeller spun” them.  “See, spinning them had no effect on the colored spots”, the spectator says. “No, you turned them around . . . front to back”.  The performer says “That really can’t be right, because those rabbits placed completely different colors on the back side.”  The performer then spins the un-covered dominoes around to reveal an orange spotted domino and a blue spotted domino.  “Those silly rabbits”

Also included with this wonderful set is a paddle style wand that is completely optional, but a fun addition to use as it will correspond with the colors of the dominoes showing.


The light brown parts of this set are 3D printed using a beautiful filament that has been infused with genuine wood.  The translucent shiny brown parts were printed using a unique glass infused filament.
~ Quarter is shown in last picture for the purpose of size comparison only.

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