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An ornate box, with removable front and rear slide panels, is presented with the two ends of a length of ribbon protruding from holes on each end/side of the box.  The performer removes the front and rear slide panels to reveal that the length of ribbon does  go through the box.  The performer pulls on one end of the ribbon to straighten it out inside the box and to show that it freely moves back and forth through the holes on the side of the box.  The performer then pulls on the other end of the ribbon to bring the ribbon back to its original position.

Scissors are now brought forward and either the performer or the spectator may snip the ribbon inside of the box with the scissors.  Once it is clear that the ribbon has been cut, the front and rear slide panels are replaced on the box.  The performer then does his/her magic and starts to pull on one end of the ribbon ends protruding outside of the box  As the ribbon is being pulled from the box, the other end of the ribbon is seen to be pulled into the box at the same time.  The performer continues to pull the ribbon out of the box all the way showing that the ribbon is full length again.   The ribbon is laid out in front of the box and the front and rear slide panels are once again removed to show the inside of the box to be empty.  What a wonderful unexpected surprise . . . it was serendipity, wait it is “Seren-snip-ity”.

“Seren-snip-ity” can be performed completely surrounded, the box may be shown front or back at any time.

“Seren-snip-ity” comes with everything to perform this wonderful effect upon receiving including one full roll of fabric ribbon (color may vary) and the quality purple handled scissors.

The light brown parts of this set are 3D printed using a beautiful filament that has been infused with genuine wood. 

~ Quarter is shown in last picture for the purpose of size comparison only.

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